How to Read Cardology + Destiny Cards (90 minutes) May 18, 2024

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This class will be offered on May 18, 2024
11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST

Learn how you can discover for yourself what’s ‘in the cards’ for you and the most important people in your life, using this amazingly accurate ancient science known as “Destiny Cards.”  A blend of astrology, numbers and the deck of 52 playing cards, it’s quicker and easier to learn than traditional astrology.  In this class, Lisa will show you how to do readings for yourself and others using two books by Robert Lee Camp.

Suggested Materials: Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards by Robert Lee Camp
You will need one or both of these books to be able to do readings for yourself and others.
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Here’s a quick blog post:
Lisa Osborn (4 of diamonds) is an award-winning radio broadcaster and entrepreneur whose passion is to assist people in achieving their goals through gaining a better understanding of themselves and others. She is the creator of and Diosa del Destino, a daily one minute radio feature that aired on Spanish language radio stations across the USA (2009-2012).
Lisa was introduced to the ancient science of the cards in 2006, in a class at SoulCentered, a metaphysical shoppe, in Ojai, CA. From that day on, she was hooked and learned all she could about this system that seems to be so accurate in offering insights into a person’s personality based only on the day and month they were born. What Lisa finds most fascinating about Cardology/DestinyCards is that the basics of this system can be taught in under two hours, yet a student of the cards can spend an entire lifetime discovering more of its many mysteries.
This class will be offered on May 18, 2024
11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST