Consulting with Diane Silvester


An empath, clairaudient, psychic and teacher, Diane is available by appointment to help you with answers and spiritual council. She is adept at many methods of divination including tarot, astrology, numerology and dowsing.

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Diane Silvester, CHt, a lifelong student of metaphysics and the paranormal. Her professional career spans from the early 90’s when as a hypnotherapist, spiritual reader,  and energy healer, she ran a successful practice in Los Angeles prior to moving to Ojai, Ca.

In 2003 she relocated to the spiritual vortex of Ojai, Ca and created Soul Centered, a metaphysical shoppe and event center in 2004, which served the Ojai community and beyond, for 12 years.

A popular venue, many people took day trips to come to the store and just “be in the energies”. Soul Centered also had a 1,000 ft. geodesic dome and hosted metaphysical and healing classes, charity events, psychic fairs, musicians, a radio show and even an improvisational group!

Diane taught classes on a variety of subjects, ran a monthly moon circle called Heal the Earth, Heal Ourselves, as well as ran a healing group called Raise Your Vibe Healing.  Soul Centered was embraced by many, was featured in the Lonely Planet travel guide, as well as being awarded the People Love us on Yelp award multiple times.

After closing Soul Centered in 2016, she went on a intensive spiritual program of self-discovery and spiritual training, as well as working with various healers and teachers of metaphysics.  Diane has also spent the time successfully working on popular international psychic hotlines. These days Diane primarily provides 1-on-1 readings, but also offers private trainings at a reduced rate for weekly teachings.

During your psychic reading, Diane works with the pendulum, oracle cards, astrology, cards of your destiny, tarot, and numerology. These tools focus the information coming through that is always and ultimately divinely guided.

“Her guidance with helping me recognize some hidden parts of me, having connectedness with the birthing women I worked with, and my soul connections made a lifelong impact.” Amazing, spot-on, and powerful are only a few of the testimonies received by clients after working with Diane. Let Diane assist you on your journey!

Book your consultation for 20, 40 or 60 minutes with Diane Silvester, then you will be directly contacted via phone or email from to schedule the best day/time for your personal reading.


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