Cardology 101: Introduction to Destiny Cards


No Cardology 101: Introduction to Destiny Cards

Did you know that the deck of 52 playing cards holds many mysteries and offers the keys to personal growth and awareness? Based upon the day you were born, there is a card in the deck that represents you, your natural talents and gifts. This system, known as cardology or ‘destiny cards’ is also a powerful tool for gaining a better understanding of yourself and all of your relationships.

Discover the basics of this system, when you attend “Cardology 101: Introduction to Destiny Cards.” In this online course, you will learn how to identify a person’s birth (destiny) card, review current life themes and cycles, and uncover the strongest relationship dynamics between yourself and others.

This online course is offered through February 4, 2024

Time is 11 AM PST/ 2PM EST

Introduction to Cardology + Destiny Cards ( 30 minutes)

Join Lisa for an upbeat interactive conversation to discover your “Card,” based on this ancient science blending astrology, numbers and playing cards.  Get to know yourself better, uncover natural talents and abilities, and discover the true nature of your closest relationships with the “Destiny Cards.”  You’ll be surprised at how much you can find out about a person just by knowing the day and month they were born!

Materials: No materials are required for this class, Lisa will share information with you about your personal Destiny Card(s).