Black Tourmaline with Mica


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Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful protective crystals. It deflects and transmutes negative energy of all varieties. A purifying and grounding stone, it combats anxiety and facilitates a positive outlook.  Mica, too, helps one to have a more positive emotional experience, because it works to release nervous energy, anger, and alleviates tantrums.  It helps one to see past one’s own projections on others so they can be seen and accepted as they truly are, and also helps one to accept and eliminate negative personality traits within the self.  The combination of Black Tourmaline and Mica is said to be particularly effective at protecting one from electromagnetic smog and reversing negative energies sent by another.


Black Tourmaline


“The stone of protection”


Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful protective crystals.  Very useful for transmuting and deflecting negativity and psychic attacks. Also useful for electromagnetic smog from computers and cell phones. Helps to clear negative thinking, ground energy and increase vitality. Cleanses the auric field.