Green Aventurine Angel


Green Aventurine Angel


The figures of angels are in every religion and culture. Many love the depiction of an angel in their environment to remind them of the constant and loving presence of the angelic kingdom, and of the guides who are consistently, and lovingly, awaiting our requests and are always whispering in our ears. Green Aventurine is known as the stone of optimism and prosperity. Aventurine is known as an all around good luck stone. It is associated with abundance and helps to promote a positive attitude. Many love aventurines ability to help promote tranquility and its assistance in finding creative solutions. It is one of the main stones recommended for fearlessness as it promotes independence. Aventurine is recommended for travelers, and is also a great stone to use when starting a new business, school, or job. This is a great stone for new beginnings and to give one the confidence to go in the direction of ones dreams. It also promotes humor. Aventurine bestows a feeling that you can go for it with a lighthearted attitude. Aventurine is a great stone for those dealing with depression as it helps promote a more philosophical attitude and it helps to sooth old wounds when troubling feelings arise. Aventurine helps to highlight those elements that need to be released in a gentle and positive way so that growth and healing can take place. A feeling of moving out of the head and into the heart, as well as a feeling of general well being and vitality are often associated with this magical green stone. (3.5″ tall)

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