Amethyst Angel


Amethyst Angel


The figures of angels are in every religion and culture. Many love the depiction of an angel in their environment to remind them of the constant and loving presence of the angelic kingdom, and of the guides who are consistently, and lovingly, awaiting our requests and are always trying to whisper in our ears. Amethyst is a universal crystal that can heal, balance, and protect you. Amethyst helps you release negative emotions like anger, rage, fear, and anxiety while motivating you with positive emotions that can help you find your path. Amethyst not only prevents negativity in your emotions, it also prevents psychic attacks and geopathic stress from harming you. It enhances meditation and spiritual awareness while allowing you to focus and control your intentions. Amethyst supports sobriety and can help you overcome addictions and addictive behaviors. Physically, Amethyst boosts organ and immune systems, dissipates headaches and insomnia, and heals bruises, injuries, and joint swelling. Amethyst supports the throat, third eye, and crown chakras.

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