Smoky Angel Brazil Statue (Old Stock) SMOA2


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Smoky Quartz Angel Statue from Brazil has the deep and rick color of high end smoky quartz. The darker color is known in the industry as root beer and is highly prized.

“Grounding, Clearing Negativity and Manifesting “

Smoky Quartz is one of the best for clearing negativity, including bad moods. Excellent for grounding, practicality, organization, focus, fortitude, clearing, detox, nightmares, stress, and times when one needs firm resolve. Clears the mind for meditation and relieves fear and depression and replaces it with emotional calmness. A great stone for manifesting!

Guide for Understanding Crystal Weights and Measures: 
1 inch is  25mm or 2.5cm           1 lb ( pound) is 453 grams
1/2 inch is  12.5mm                     2.2 lbs (pounds) is 1000 g
1/4 inch is 6.35mm


60 x 98 x 30 mm