Small Clear Quartz Spheres

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Often referred to as “solidified light,” Clear Quartz activates all levels of consciousness and serves particularly well in healing and meditation. It dispels negativity and brightens spiritual awareness. This stone increases empowerment by opening and enhancing all chakras. Clear Quartz also amplifies the metaphysical properties of other crystals, making it excellent to use when creating crystal grids. The spherical shape of this piece allows the quartz to evenly distribute its energy in all directions, making it very good for the cleansing and purification of spaces. Like Himalayan salt lamps, clear quartz is said to create a field of healing negative ions that cleanses the space of positive ions, so these small spheres may be ideally placed in office and home environments where one is subjected to multiple positive ion generators (fluorescent lighting, televisions, air conditioning systems, electrical and computer equipment, etc). A high concentration of positive ions could be responsible for respiratory problems, anxiety, tension, lethargy, and depression.

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