Blue Quartz Angel


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The figures of angels are in every religion and culture. Many love the depiction of an angel in their environment to remind them of the constant and loving presence of the angelic kingdom, and of the guides who are consistently, and lovingly, awaiting our requests and are always whispering in our ears. Blue Quartz assists in calming the mind and in calming fears. The blue color reminds one of the peacefulness of the sky and indeed this stone encourages one to look up, have hope, and to release negativity. It is considered a stone for helping to promote communication with others. Blue quartz is a good stone to work with when feeling challenged and cut off from others as it promotes diplomacy and the ability to connect with others. All quartz (including citrine, rose, amethyst, blue and smoky) helps to facilitate healing and to amplify energies. It also helps to relieve stuck energies and to regulate and balance energies as well. Activating all levels of consciousness, Quartz serves particularly well in healing and meditation. It holds an affinity with the Archangel Raphael, dispelling negativity and amplifying purity. (3″ tall)


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