Lemurian Seed Double Terminated Crystal Brazil ( Super Rare) Old Stock 25


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“The Stone of Higher Guidance”

Lemurian Seed Crystals are a teaching stone that allows one to access the highest guidance and expanded consciousness.  You can identify them by their bar like ridges along the sides. Lemurians are prized for encouraging union with the Divine frequencies, “Aha” moments, and access to healing guides and angels. Said to be a healing balm to the soulful and highly useful for work in the healing arts.

Lemurian Seed Crystals, particularly from Brazil, have become increasingly more rare.


Double Terminated Crystals

Double terminated crystals are like an arrow, with the point on both sides.  A single termination crystal would be more like a wand, sending energy in a single pointed direction.  A double terminated works by balancing, transmuting, and radiating energy from both ends. DTs help to absorb negative energy and are great for psychic and healing work. They are also good for overcoming addictions and stuck patterns as they enhance the ‘flow’ state.  DTs work to create balance and harmony, and are popular to use in healing grids to enhance the ebb and flow of the work.


Old stock: Soul Centered and owner Diane Silvester have been a trusted name in metaphysics since 2004. As an empath, healer and owner of Soul Centered, (a metaphysical shopped in the vortex of Ojai, Ca 2004-2016)  Diane had the privilege of hand selecting these treasures from the very finest sources who would come straight from Tucson with their vans overflowing. Following her intuition, Diane carefully stored her favorites away for the right time to offer them to the public. Much withing the old stock have become unavailable or rare now. We look forward to seeing who these high vibe beauties are meant for!

7.25 x 1.14 x 1.62 inches


Guide for Understanding Crystal Weights and Measures: 
1 inch is  25mm or 2.5cm           1 lb ( pound) is 453 grams
1/2 inch is  12.5mm                     2.2 lbs (pounds) is 1000 g
1/4 inch is 6.35mm                      28.35 g is 1 oz