Lemurian Seed Channeling and Bridge Crystal Brazil (Rare) Old Stock 19


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“The Stone of Higher Guidance”

Lemurian Seed Crystals are a teaching stone that allows one to access the highest guidance and expanded consciousness.  You can identify them by their bar like ridges along the sides. Lemurians are prized for encouraging union with the Divine frequencies, “Aha” moments, and access to healing guides and angels. Said to be a healing balm to the soulful and highly useful for work in the healing arts.

Lemurian Seed Crystals, particularly from Brazil, have become increasingly more rare.

Bridge (Inner Child) Crystals: A Bridge crystal is a crystal that is partially in and partially out of another crystal. It serves as a bridge between worlds, between people, between yourself and your inner child, between yourself and an audience you wish to reach, basically anywhere you need a bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.  Many use this stone for healing the inner child work.

Channel face or channeling crystal : A channeling or channel face crystal has seven edges on the main face and a three-sided face (triangle) directly behind the seven-sided face.  These crystals help you access higher wisdom in many forms; including increased intuition, easier access to the higher self wisdom, opening to angelic and higher spiritual beings, and the ability to reach higher states of consciousness.

Etched Crystals : Etchings are caused by mineral inclusions or water during the crystals formation that have since dissolved. They are considered filled with stored information and that the etching is likened to braille or hieroglyphics to be read.  They help one to access ancient and hidden knowledge, training and healing skills from past lives as well as within all civilization that has been before. If you see a particular drawing or shape that has meaning for you it can work as a talisman or sigil for that purpose. Reading or gazing with the crystal, allow your eyes to gaze with soft focus, initiate meditative breathing, relax, and receive. Also, close your eyes and feel the crystals markings using your fingertips in a similar meditative state.

Rainbows: The gift these lovelies bring is upliftment, positivity, hope, and joy.  A wonderful aide when working to eliminate depression and disappointment. Just as the rainbow appears in the sky after a storm, the rainbow appears in crystals due to a shock or trauma to the crystal. Without the damage, the rainbow would never have happened.  This is like our own shocks, traumas and “life lessons”.  Looking back, we often find a healing gift or new wisdom.  Rainbow crystals bring happiness to the user, as well as the positivity to try once more.

Old stock: Soul Centered and owner Diane Silvester have been a trusted name in metaphysics since 2004. As an empath, healer and owner of Soul Centered, (a metaphysical shopped in the vortex of Ojai, Ca 2004-2016)  Diane had the privilege of hand selecting these treasures from the very finest sources who would come straight from Tucson with their vans overflowing. Following her intuition, Diane carefully stored her favorites away for the right time to offer them to the public. Much withing the old stock have become unavailable or rare now. We look forward to seeing who these high vibe beauties are meant for!

6.75 x 2.16 x 1.62 inches


Guide for Understanding Crystal Weights and Measures: 
1 inch is  25mm or 2.5cm           1 lb ( pound) is 453 grams
1/2 inch is  12.5mm                     2.2 lbs (pounds) is 1000 g
1/4 inch is 6.35mm                      28.35 g is 1 oz