Fluorite Angels Brazil (Old Stock)


Fluorite Angels

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Fluorite angels from Brazil enhance any home or alter. These lovely statues bring in the balancing aspects of fluorite and a reminder of the angelic support all around us.


The figures of angels are in every religion and culture. Many love the depiction of an angel in their environment to remind them of the constant and loving presence of the angelic kingdom, and of the guides who are consistently, and lovingly, awaiting our requests and are always whispering in our ears. Fluorite is great for combating disorganization. It is a crystal of balance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It has protective and stabilizing properties. It improves focus and coordination. It is useful in the workplace as it provides a barrier for electromagnetic pollution. (It does require periodic cleansing.) Fluorite benefits teeth, bones, and joints. Picture is representative, stones naturally vary in color and patterning. (3″ tall)