Dendritic Agate Pear Shaped Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver


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Stone of Stablility and Strength

All agates are associated with stability and strengthening and Dendridic Agate is particularly useful for serious inner work.  It offers solice and encourages a positive attitude in difficult times,  helping one to find answers. Very useful when one truly desires self changes, whether creating a new habit, or giving up an addiction. It can help one to see where they have been getting in their own way. A stone of strength and resolve, it helps one to remain faithful and positive duiring meditation, re-birthing, and other personal transformational work. It is very helpful in times of stress, as well as in relieving negative emotional states such as guilt, shame and blame.  Dendritic agate is very helpful in shadow work, and to help one to see where they have been self limiting or self destructive, and to assist with making corrections.  It also bestows  honest self-analysis to overcome negative emotions and patterns. Dendritic Agate can also help one to stay grounded and stable during times of chaos as well as facilitating grounding and earth connection.  This stone is also associated with abundance in business undertakings.

Sterling silver is wrapped aroung pear shaped dendritic agate stones. Earrings measure approximately 1.1 inch x 6mm