Fire Agate Tumbled


Fire Agate Tumbled

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Stone of Courage and Transformation

All agates are associated with stability and strengthening.  Fire Agate is particularly useful for serious inner work as well as to shield from negative thought forms.  It offers solace and encourages a positive attitude in difficult times and helps one to find answers. It encourages flexibility on all levels, emotional. mental and physical. Very useful when one truly desires self changes, whether creating a new habit, or giving up an addiction. It can help one to see where they have been getting in their own way. A stone of strength and resolve, it helps one to dispel fear as well as to remain faithful and positive during meditation, re-birthing, and other personal transformational work. It is very helpful in times of stress, as well as in relieving negative emotional states such as guilt, shame and blame.  It is very helpful in shadow work and to help one to see where they have been self limiting or self destructive and make corrections.  It also bestows a welcoming of honest self-analysis and bravery to overcome negative emotions such as bitterness.  Fire Agate can also help one to stay grounded and stable during times of chaos, facilitates grounding and earth connection, and is also associated with assistance with justice and conflict resolution  and as it’s name implies, it is said to increase sexual fire.

Fire Agate balances the mental, physical, and emotional bodies to bring hidden information to light. This crystal is 1.5 inches in length. Picture is representative. Individual stones naturally vary.


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