Citrine And Tiger Eye Sterling Silver Drop Earrings


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Citrine And Tiger’s Eye Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

“The Manifesting Wealth Stone”

Citrine is the ultimate prosperity crystal. It strengthens creativity, joy, self-confidence and personal will which helps to manifest abundance and success. It is an optimistic and energizing crystal that encourages decisiveness, focus, and intellect.

This joyful stone helps to create positivity, support mental clarity, increase imagination, and overcome challenges. Citrine can ease depression, and help release negativity. One of the primary stones used to manifest, particularly for prosperity, but also for success on all levels. It is common to place a citrine in a wallet, safe, or cash drawer for its luck and abundance drawing.

“Stone of Wealth and Willpower”

Tiger Eye is one of the primary wealth/abundance stones and is very protective as well. It restores vital energy, enhances psychic abilities and stimulates kundalini fire. Tiger Eye promotes balance and endurance.

As a grounding stone, it helps one to get a reality check, and assists in practical decision-making, centered action taking and overcoming adversity. Tiger eye, calms, and centers. It also balances and brings equilibrium to mental imbalances, helps to heal self-esteem and addiction issues.


Earrings measure approximately 27 x 5 mm.