Angelite Tumbled


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“Stone of Deep Healing and Angelic Communication”

Angleite is a powerhouse healer that bestows a feeling of peace, and alleviates emotional pain. It is a super useful stone for those in the healing and psychic arts as it encourages peaceful communication and telepathy.  It is also rejuvenating,  helps to transmute pain and is an over all healing stone.  As its name suggests, angelite gives you access to communication with angels and other light beings to receive spiritual guidance. ( The “Angelite” name is not an approved mineral name, but rather a lapidary trade name applied to densely packed nodules of pale blue anhydrite. This official name in no way takes away from how powerful this stone is!) Angelite enhances psychic abilities in dream work, past-life memories, channeling and Akashic Records.  It encourages a peaceful and compassionate state of mind as well as encourages one to speak their truth. Angelite works with the throat, third eye, and crown chakras.


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