Shungite Tumbled


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Shungite is a stone for those who are serious about healing and transformation. It will work to restore the integrity and purity of one’s original pattern and purpose. All negative or invasive energetic overlays will be rooted out with Shungite, even those to which one may have become emotionally attached, so be ready to let go and surrender to the highest good. It is a highly protective stone, providing a shield against negative energies and electromagnetic frequencies.

A quick internet search will reveal that Shungite gets a lot of attention for its effectiveness in cleansing pollutants from water. Commercially produced Shungite filters are available, though many vendors are just selling bags of Shungite chips with instructions on using them to purify water.  We did a little bit of research and found one study showing that some heat treated Shungite actually contains trace amounts of lead. (See the study here: published in the International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research) Following up with one of our crystal vendors, we were told that any raw material coming out of the earth could, technically, contain trace amounts of lead.  So when using this stone to energetically charge or purify water, the safest practice is to use a method that does not involve actual immersion of the stone in water.

Picture is representative. Individual stones naturally vary.