Serenity Wood Carving


Serenity Wood Carving

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Beautiful hand carved spiritual art from Bali. 12 inches tall. Available as a limited edition.


A note from the designer: “When I first conceived the Inner Voice piece I wanted to produce it in wood but quickly found out that to do so in this country would be prohibitively expensive. I was concerned about having it carved off shore because I didn’t want the work done by people working in substandard conditions.  I recently had the opportunity to go to Bali, and there I found a wonderful family of wood carvers that operate in the courtyard of their home.  I was able to see their entire operation and know that the carvers they employ are well treated (most are family members), and that the business I was able to give them will create a better life for the family.  I have also committed a portion of the proceeds from the wood carvings to help pay for the education of a young woman that I met in Bali. She desperately wants to go to college to become a teacher, and her family is not in a position to pay the full cost of this for her.”

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Dimensions 9.5 × 2 × 12 in


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