Rose Quartz Angel



The figures of angels are in every religion and culture. Many love the depiction of an angel in their environment to remind them of the constant and loving presence of the angelic kingdom, and of the guides who are consistently, and lovingly, awaiting our requests and are always whispering in our ears. Rose Quartz is known as The Love Stone, and indeed it helps us to love ourselves as well as to have the ability to send love to others. Rose Quartz has a gentle yet powerful ability to help us calm the mind and release stress, guilt, jealousy, anger, fear and low self esteem. It is one of the best stones to aid with emotional healing, relief from stress, and helps one to dissolve psychological barriers to love and being loved. Rose Quartz is an awesome stone to give as a gift, as it expresses appreciation and love, helps activate the heart chakra, and can often stimulate feelings of love and when appropriate, even romance. It is one of the main stones to have in the home and it is recommended to keep a piece in each room, as well as to wear or keep a piece with you, to help bring the vibration of love into your life and environment. Meditation with Rose Quartz helps to soothe and open the heart to divine healing energies and to stimulate forgiveness and acceptance both for the self and for others, as we upgrade to the higher frequencies of pure love through compassion and understanding. We have also noticed a great deal of relief from menstrual cramps when placing rose quartz on the Sacral chakra and initiating calm breathing. Picture is representative, individual stones naturally vary.

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