Clear Quartz Crystal Clusters (Brazil) CQC04

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Clear Quartz Crystal Clusters (Brazil) is a pure white cluster with a lovely large single termination. Crystals clusters radiate a lot of energy, are easy to program, and are an ideal choice for bringing more harmony to an environment.


“Stone of Multiplying Energy”

The qualities of the clear quartz, the easiest stone to program, is an ideal stone to use for manifesting and visioning. Quartz is an energy mover and can even transform energy, which is why it is used in watches, radios, etc. This quality also helps quartz to act as a master healer and assists in spiritual evolution. Quartz enhances the properties of any other crystal it is used with. Holding a quartz doubles your energy field.

Crystal Clusters: Crystals clusters radiate a lot of energy, are easy to program, and are an ideal choice for bringing more harmony to an environment.  They are very useful with group dynamics whether at home or work, as they help to transmute negative energy and harmonize and improve the way people are relating to each other.  Crystal clusters are also great for cleaning other crystals! Leave them on or next to the cluster overnight. (Note: They also need to be cleansed themselves! They are working 24/7 to energize, lighten, and cleanse any ‘bad vibes’ in their surroundings.  Think of clusters as a crystal team, working in harmony, to bring more pure light, energy, and positive vibes into your space.)

Bridge (Inner Child) Crystals: A bridge crystal is a crystal that is partially in and partially out of another crystal. It serves as a bridge between worlds; people, yourself and your inner child, higher self and ego, yourself and an audience you wish to reach, basically anywhere you need a bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.  Many use this stone for ‘healing the inner child’ work.

Channel face or Channeling crystal: A channeling or channel face crystal has seven edges on the main face and a three-sided face (triangle) directly behind the seven-sided face.  These crystals help you access higher wisdom in many forms; including increased intuition, easier access to the higher self-wisdom, opening to angelic and higher spiritual beings, and the ability to reach higher states of consciousness.

 Double Terminated Crystals:  Double terminated crystals are like an arrow, with a point on both sides.  A single termination crystal would be more like a wand, sending energy in a single pointed direction.  A double terminated works by balancing, transmuting, and radiating energy from both ends. DTs help to absorb negative energy and are great for psychic and healing work. They are also good for overcoming addictions and stuck patterns as they enhance the ‘flow’ state.  DTs work to create balance and harmony and are popular to use in healing grids to enhance the ebb and flow of the work.

Rainbows: The gift these lovelies bring is upliftment, positivity, hope, and joy.  A wonderful aide when working to eliminate depression and disappointment. Just as the rainbow appears in the sky after a storm, the rainbow appears in crystals due to a shock or trauma to the crystal. Without the damage, the rainbow would never have happened.  This is like our own shocks, traumas and “life lessons”.  Looking back, we often find a healing gift or new wisdom.  Rainbow crystals bring happiness to the user, as well as the positivity to try once more.

4.92 x 3.84 x 4.30 in


Guide for Understanding Crystal Weights and Measures: 

1 inch is  25mm or 2.5cm           1 lb ( pound) is 453 grams

1/2 inch is  12.5mm                     2.2 lbs (pounds) is 1000 g

1/4 inch is 6.35mm                      28.35 g is 1 oz


Sparkly rainbows