Clear Quartz Crystal Clusters (Brazil) CQC20


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“Stone of Multiplying Energy”

The qualities of the clear quartz, the easiest stone to program, is an ideal stone to use for manifesting and visioning. Quartz is an energy mover and can even transform energy, which is why it is used in watches, radios, etc. This quality also helps quartz to act as a master healer and assists in spiritual evolution. Quartz enhances the properties of any other crystal it is used with. Holding a quartz doubles your energy field.

Crystal Clusters: Crystals clusters radiate a lot of energy, are easy to program, and are an ideal choice for bringing more harmony to an environment.  They are very useful with group dynamics whether at home or work, as they help to transmute negative energy and harmonize and improve the way people are relating to each other.  Crystal clusters are also great for cleaning other crystals! Leave them on or next to the cluster overnight. (Note: They also need to be cleansed themselves! They are working 24/7 to energize, lighten, and cleanse any ‘bad vibes’ in their surroundings.  Think of clusters as a crystal team, working in harmony, to bring more pure light, energy, and positive vibes into your space.)

Double Terminated Crystals:  Double terminated crystals are like an arrow, with a point on both sides.  A single termination crystal would be more like a wand, sending energy in a single pointed direction.  A double terminated works by balancing, transmuting, and radiating energy from both ends. DTs help to absorb negative energy and are great for psychic and healing work. They are also good for overcoming addictions and stuck patterns as they enhance the ‘flow’ state.  DTs work to create balance and harmony and are popular to use in healing grids to enhance the ebb and flow of the work.

Etched Quartz Crystals: Etchings are caused by mineral inclusions or water during the crystals formation that have since dissolved. They are considered filled with stored information and that the etching is likened to braille or hieroglyphics to be read.  They help one to access ancient and hidden knowledge, training, and healing skills from past lives as well as within all civilization that has been before. If you see a particular drawing or shape that has meaning for you it can work as a talisman or sigil for that purpose. Reading or gazing with the crystal, allow your eyes to gaze with soft focus, initiate meditative breathing, relax, and receive. Also, close your eyes and feel the crystals markings using your fingertips in a similar meditative state.

Twin Soul Crystal (Also known as Soul Mate, Soul Twin or Tantric Twin):  They are identified as two terminations that have developed from a a single base. Many use twin soul crystals to help manifest a soul mate and they are often placed in the love and relationship section of the home.  In addition to romantic relationships, they are also used to draw in people of like mind for friendship or business. For existing relationships, they are also highly beneficial for helping to resolve and improve relatedness, including between family.  Twin soul crystals work for harmony, helping to sooth disharmony.  They teach how to be separate individuals, and yet also united.  They are a great choice when dealing with relationship challenges and may hold an important key for both individuals to see themselves more clearly to allow forgiveness and healing to take place.  Their soothing, calming energy also provides a bridge to “Spirit” by aligning the higher self to guides and angels that are currently working with us.

Window (Diamond Face) Crystals: They can be identified by the diamond shape.  They are considered the “Window to the Soul” crystal, in that they help you to truly see into yourself, to clarify your purpose, facilitate psychic development, to uncover hidden blocks, to gain answers to questions, and to activate and energize the energy centers. They are also used for gazing and finding lost objects, pets and people. By mediating and gazing at the window in this crystal, new insights are presented to the everyday mind.

3.20 x 1.74 x 1.79 in


Guide for Understanding Crystal Weights and Measures: 

1 inch is  25mm or 2.5cm           1 lb ( pound) is 453 grams

1/2 inch is  12.5mm                     2.2 lbs (pounds) is 1000 g

1/4 inch is 6.35mm                      28.35 g is 1 oz


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