Natural Citrine Point


Natural Citrine Point

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This Natural Citrine Point has a beautiful wide channeling face and a luminous champagne glow. As a wealth stone, Natural Citrine is one of the primary stones used for abundance. Also known as the merchant’s stone, it is often placed in a cash drawer or wallet to improve sales. Natural Citrine raises self-esteem and self-confidence and helps to remove limiting tendencies, boosting optimism, creativity and self expression. It is excellent for helping to overcome depression, phobias, anxieties and fears. On the emotional level Natural Citrine helps with balancing and eases anger, which lends it its reputation as the joy stone. Natural Citrine is the stone used more than any other to lift a black mood and enhance personal will. On the physical level it is used as an energizer, and helps with digestive issues. Channeling crystals have one seven sided face and one triangular face on the opposite side. They are used to align one with one’s higher self, to receive inspired guidance and communications from the other side: angels, masters, teachers and guides. This is an amazing tool for meditative practices as it lines one up with the higher than high energies of all that is, making it ideal for inspired psychic development and readings, and for teaching spaces that encourage wisdom studies. (2.5 inches high)

“The Manifesting Wealth Stone”

Citrine is the ultimate prosperity crystal. It strengthens creativity, joy, self confidence and personal will which helps to manifest abundance and success. It is an optimistic and energizing crystal.  It encourages decisiveness, focus, and intellect. This joyful stone helps to create positivity and joyfulness.  Supports mental clarity, imagination, and overcoming challenges. Can ease depression,  and helps release negativity.   One of the primary stones used to manifest, particularly for prosperity, but also for success on all levels. It is common to place a citrine in a cash box or wallet for it’s luck and abundance drawing.


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