Lepidolite Tumbled


Lepidolite Tumbled

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“Stone of Calm in the Storm”

As a stone ally, lepidolite is a premier stone for balancing mood swings, depression and anxiety! It has a very calm and soothing effect. Lepidolite helps to  stabilize moods and ground scattered energy.  It helps to release stress, tension, anger, stress, hostility, personal blocks and addictions.    A stone of transitions, this stone helps to balance the emotional body; leading to emotional healing, calm, serenity and balance.    This stone helps to dispel negative thinking,  insomnia and nightmares.  Lepidolite contains lithium, a substance subscribed to take orally in certain mental health episodes. You can really see the benefits of this stone best when life is challenging or you are going through major changes. Also aids in spiritual purification.  Good on the computer and similar devices to work to clean up electromagnetic smog.

Photo is representative. Individual stones naturally vary.


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