Large Rough Aquamarine (Old Stock) LRA06


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“Stone of Calm Mind and Safe Travels”

Throughout antiquity, Aquamarine has been seen as a talisman for protection when traveling. Aquamarine is a wonderful stone of communication, creativity and courage. It helps those with fear of public speaking or who are too shy to stand up for their beliefs. Aquamarine supports tolerance of others while soothing irrational emotions like anger and fear. This stone  is excellent for calming stress. It calms the mind, especially when you are overwhelmed with responsibilities. It lightens the aura and bestows balance on the physical, mental and emotional levels.  Aquamarine is also great for breaking self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you from your success.

Old stock: Soul Centered and owner Diane Silvester have been a trusted name in metaphysics since 2004. As an empath, healer and owner of Soul Centered, (a metaphysical shopped in the vortex of Ojai, Ca 2004-2016) Diane had the privilege of hand selecting these treasures from the very finest sources who would come straight from Tucson with their vans overflowing. Following her intuition, Diane carefully stored her favorites away for the right time to offer them to the public. Much of the old stock have become unavailable or rare now. We look forward to seeing who these high vibe beauties are meant for!

3.35 x 1.78 x 2.42 in