Iolite with Sunstone Tumbled



Iolite with Sunstone inclusions is sometimes referred to as “Starstone,” though this name has also been given to other stones (examples include Star Sapphire, Star Ruby, and Shaman Stone). The combination of Iolite and Sunstone is great for people who want to get out of their own way. Iolite helps tune one to his/her inner knowledge and assists in accepting responsibility for creating the situations in one’s life. Sunstone provides the necessary energy for making changes, and a warm reassurance that many find empowering. Sunstone also works to remove energy hooks that are left from other people, complimenting Iolite’s stress-relieving action and facilitating a smoothing out of one’s experiences and relationships. Iolite balances the masculine and feminine aspects within the self and Sunstone inspires cooperation with others. The deep blue color of Iolite is similar to the night sky, while Sunstone’s bright orange sparkle brings to mind the light of the day. As such, this stone can be helpful for people experiencing a “dark night of the soul,” reminding one that the light is always there and will return as part of the natural cycle of life. This stone resonates with and enhances the Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye chakras. Picture is representative, individual stones naturally vary.

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