Diamantina Laser Quartz Points



Often referred to as “solidified light,” Clear Quartz activates all levels of consciousness and serves particularly well in healing and meditation. It dispels negativity and brightens spiritual awareness. This stone increases empowerment by opening and enhancing all chakras. Clear Quartz also amplifies the metaphysical properties of other crystals, making it excellent to use when creating crystal grids.

Laser Quartz points are distinguished by a long slender shape that tapers from the base to the termination point, with side angles that are sometimes curved rather than straight. The lore is that Laser Wands did not originate on Earth, but were sent or projected here by other planetary beings and were used for healing in the ancient temples of Lemuria. Some Laser Wands also have distinctive markings that are said to represent knowledge of healing the crystal has accumulated through its use, so the more markings, the more healing experience. They can be used to direct healing energy by pointing them towards the area where the healing is desired. Laser Wands are very protective, and can be used to set up a protective grid around a person, animal, object or space. This can be done in a session with the client sitting in the middle of a circle of Laser Wands pointed outward. It can also be accomplished by using a symbol or picture of what is to be protected in the middle of the circle instead. Carrying a Laser Wand will also protect one’s energy field. In addition, Laser Wands are used for “psychic surgery,” removing negative thought forms or intrusive energies or entities from the auric field.

Diamantina crystals are mined only in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. These are naturally occurring Laser Wands that are not carved into the shape. Crystals from this mine are believed to be especially energetically potent.

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