Blue Andean Opal Tumbled



“Stone of Spiritual Fire”

Opal is an emotional amplifier which can work both ways and can cause situations to erupt in order to create healing and illumination.  It assists with communication with the higher realms, angels, and guides.  It will help illuminate the dark places within but one must be willing to do the work.  Can cause transformations that ultimately lead to joy. Enhances psychic abilities, self expression, visions and cosmic consciousness.

Like all Opals, Andean Blue Opal will help to release negative behaviors and thought patterns by making them more obvious, which usually makes them more uncomfortable. This allows for a greater embodiment of one’s higher self. Andean Blue Opal in particular helps one to maintain greater control over one’s state of mind so knee-jerk reactions become less common, and right action becomes more obvious and accessible. It is also said to be a useful aid in divination.  This rare stone is mined only in Peru and we have three different grades available.  Picture is representative. Individual stones naturally vary.

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Grade A (Contains Deeper Blue), Grade B (Light Blue), Grade C (Clear/Milky White)


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