Azurite Malachite Tumbled


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“Stone of Heaven and Earth”

Azurite, is often referred to as the Stone of Heaven as it facilitates psychic development, communication, visons, is a top favorite of psychics and healers as it attunes and strengthens the 3rd eye chakra and psychic attunements, while sealing auric holes.  It promotes a non judgemental and clear insight on many levels and beyond ego. Also it assists with understanding, helping one to transmute fears and phobias.  Malachite combines with Azurite, bringing it’s gifts of willpower, strength in adversity, energy and protection from negativity. A useful ally for studying, concentration and test taking, as well as negotiations. This lovely combination of blue and green is a visual, as well as spiritual, reflection of heaven and earth made manifest. This combination is great for releasing fears, psychic enhancement, manifesting desires into reality, releasing negative emotions, overcoming difficulties and experiencing the gift of inner peace.

Azurite is a wonderful stone for increasing psychic abilities and clearing mental fog, allowing one to think more clearly. Azurite and Malachite both help inspire healers and in addition, Azurite amplifies healing ability. The combination of the two can help clear negative thought forms and stabilize emotions, allowing for increased focus, discipline, and patience. This also makes it an excellent stone for times of transition. This combination promotes elevated consciousness, uniting the gentle loving nature of the heart with the penetrating analytical ability of a clear mind. Picture is representative. Individual stones naturally vary.


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