Aqua Aura Sterling Silver Bead Earrings


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Aqua Aura Sterling Silver Bead Earrings

“The Stone of Golden Wisdom”

Aqua Aura is created in a man-made process to bond pure gold with clear quartz, which are both positive, powerful and high vibrational elements. This makes it vibrate at a very high level!

Aqua aura qualities that are appreciated are divine guidance, stress relief, and vitality. Since its such a high vibration stone, its ideal for meditation by soothing the emotional body and protecting from psychic attack.

The qualities of the clear quartz, the easiest stone to program, is an ideal stone to use for manifesting and visioning. Quartz is an energy mover and can even transform energy, which is why it is used in watches, radios, etc. This quality also helps quartz to act as a master healer and assists in spiritual evolution. Quartz enhances the properties of any other crystal it is used with. Holding a quartz doubles your energy field.

Aqua Aura Sterling Silver Bead Earrings



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