Apatite and Clear Quartz Heart Earrings in Sterling Silver


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Apatite-Clear Quartz earrings

Clear Quartz

“Stone of Conscious Direction and Manifestation”

Quartz is the easiest stone to program, so it is the ideal stone to use for manifesting and visioning. Most importantly, it is an energy mover and can transform energy which is why it is used in watches, radios etc.  That is to say, this quality also helps quartz to act as a master healer and assists in spiritual evolution.

To sum up, Quartz enhances the properties of any other crystal. Holding a quartz doubles your energy field. Try this, it really works!


“Stone of Spiritual Connection”

First, Apatite is very helpful with encouraging flexibility, energy levels, motivation, creativity, communication, public speaking and social skills. Often, working with apatite will provide deep understanding on long held issues. Once understanding is gained, one can experience relief from negative states such as sorrow, confusion and emotional exhaustion.

Apatite is a great stone for all psychic work and activation. Also, it helps one to access high spiritual guidance and connection, as it stimulates the 3rd eye and helps to promote inner vision. It is useful for past life, astral travel and akashic records work.

Overall, Apatite is also very useful in opening the throat chakra and healing the heart chakra. This is considered a good stone to work with for manifestation on many levels.

Heart shaped drop earrings combine clear quartz hearts with apatite beads in sterling silver.

Earrings measure approximately 25 x 10 mm.