Amethyst and Pink Hemimorphite in Sterling Silver Pendant


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“Stone of Spiritual Wisdom and Connection”

Amethyst is a quartz containing iron “impurities” in the crystal quartz structure that were exposed to radiation and heat during it’s forming.  As a result Amethyst is found in a variety of beautiful purple shades, the darker considered more highly valued.

This crystal is a favorite third eye stone.  It fosters spiritual connection, meditation, and the development of psychic abilities and gifts.  It helps with balance and decision making from a higher perspective. Amethyst is also highly protective and can help transmute lower energies and psychic attack. It promotes clear thinking and is a premier stone to use to overcome addictions and self-destructive patterns. Often associated with spiritual wisdom and awareness, it both calms, and stimulates the mind towad higher consciousness.

Amethyst and Pink Hemimorphite in Sterling Silver Pendant

Pendant is approximately 38 x 15, Sterling Silver chains sold separately.