Amethyst Geode Cylinder Earrings in Sterling Silver


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“Stone of Spiritual Wisdom and Connection”

Amethyst is a quartz containing iron “impurities” in the crystal quartz structure that were exposed to radiation and heat during it’s forming.  As a result Amethyst is found in a variety of beautiful purple shades, the darker considered more highly valued.

This crystal is a favorite third eye stone.  It fosters spiritual connection, meditation, and the development of psychic abilities and gifts.  It helps with balance and decision making from a higher perspective. Amethyst is also highly protective and can help transmute lower energies and psychic attack. It promotes clear thinking and is a premier stone to use to overcome addictions and self-destructive patterns. Often associated with spiritual wisdom and awareness, it both calms, and stimulates the mind towad higher consciousness.

Amethyst Geode Cylinder Earrings in Sterling Silver. Earrings measure approximately 30 x 7 cm.