Sterling Silver Fairy with Amber Ball Pendant


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Stone of Revitalization and Healing

Amber is sometimes referred to as “solidified sunlight” as it carries a very warming energy.  Amber even generates an electrical charge when rubbed!  It helps you revitalize your emotions, your goals, and your body. Amber is fossilized tree sap, however its metaphysical properties are just as beneficial as any other crystal. Amber can absorb negative energy and change it into positive energy, bringing confidence, determination, self-expression, and the strength to recover from detrimental habits. This protective resin assists in purifying your energy, clear negative family patterns and can help in past-life meditation by clearing karmic debris from your energy field.  Amber has wonderful healing properties. Besides alleviating anxiety and depression, it can assist in drawing toxins from the body.  Helpful for connecting with Earth energy, Light Beings and Nature Devas.

Pendant is approximately 24mm, Sterling Silver chains sold separately.


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