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Hello and welcome to Soul Centered in virtual reality! It is serendipitous that you have found your way here today.

Since 2004, Soul Centered has made its home in the spiritual vortex of Ojai, California.  We believe passionately in human growth and potential, we embrace the principals of the law of attraction, and we are guided by love.  We are seeing, along with many others, the emergence of a new humanity.


To help usher in this new paradigm, we humbly offer spiritual tools for these changing times.  Here you will find information and instruction in the mysteries of life, along with an assortment of items to help you stay “in-the-flow” every day.  Please check back often, for we are in a state of evolution with this site.  It has come after many years of dreaming, forming, failing, and starting again.  We have been hand selecting crystals in preparation for this website for the past 10 years!  There will be many new additions to the site soon in the way of products, articles, book reviews, and classes.


However, our commitment is so much more than the selling of items. Most of us on staff consider ourselves students.  We have trained in various disciplines within metaphysics and yet are aware there is always more to learn.  Most of us are experienced with some form of energy work, and as individuals are constantly engaged in the process of personal growth.  We make sure to keep the store and the spaces where the crystals are stored at a high vibrational frequency.  Our many years of collective study in this field have yielded an abundant harvest of tips and tricks for transformation, personal empowerment, and self-discovery.  Our deep desire is to be a safe haven for you on the journey and to assist with the healing of the planet.  Although we do not pretend to have all the answers, we are excited to share what we have found to be effective.  One of our most important goals is helping you stay centered in these transformative times.


With great love and gratitude for the ability to serve…


The Soul Centered Team

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