Swami’s State of the Universe 2015: Cosmic Comic Pundit Swami Beyondananda Calls for Evolutionary Upwising

by Swami Beyondananda


Greetings, Mirthlings!


 Welcome to the state of the Universe — which is of course, everchanging, same as always.
 Here we are once again in the here and now, just like last year at this time.
 So … are you finally ready to live in the now?
 Good. We have been waiting for you. What took you so long?
 With time rapidly becoming a thing of the past (the calendar’s days are numbered, you know) people are living in the now like never before. Listen, I know. I was a futurist in a past life. But now, I have no time for time. I am living all the time in the Timeless Now. I think they call that All-Timers.


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What to Expect at a New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony

By Janine Lucas


When I told a friend I went up to Soul Centered in Ojai for the month’s New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony, she asked, “I’d like to check out the next one – but I don’t have to shed blood or anything, do I?”


She was mostly kidding, but the apprehension was still there – and I completely understand.  For so long New Age practices have either been ridiculed or associated with things that go bump in the night.  It’s no wonder people are skeptical and even hesitant to try it out.


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Remembering the Body in Mind, Body, Spirit

By Emily Heffner


When people think of “spirituality”, they usually think of some form of meditation – walking in nature, praying in a sanctuary, or even just being still in a moment. They don’t often think of eating or doing an intense workout. The truth is that for anyone truly committed to a spiritual path, there is nothing that can present itself in any moment that is not an opportunity for spiritual growth – including an intense workout!
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The Money Will Follow

By Laura Lee


“Do what you love and the money will follow.” This is a common quote, a New Age philosophy gem. However, it’s much easier said than done. The majority of us have to do what we have to do to get by. We have bills to pay and maybe kids to take care of, and the societal pressures of having credit and a nice car, and a home – the list goes on and on of what it means to be a “responsible” person in our culture. I drank the proverbial “Kool-Aid” like everyone else. For YEARS!!


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Polarity: Opposites or Two Sides of the Same Coin?


By Jesse Ann Nichols George


What are your thoughts about polarities in life?  How do you deal with your polar opposites?  Are there really polarities or just things that show up and challenge us so that we will grow?


There are so many today with varying viewpoints about polarity.  Some say it is just an illusion.  Others say that it creates separation.  Still others say it exists in all things and without it nothing exists at all.  Some strongly support it and others strongly deny it or even reject it.


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What Are Your Mirrors Showing You?


By Jesse Ann Nichols George


What most captures your attention in those around you?  What situations do you continue to find yourself in, time and time again?  What are your irritations trying to tell you?


One of the key laws in the universe is that of reflection.  In very simplified terms, this is based on the concept that what you see around you, how others treat you, the situations in which you find yourself, are all reflecting what is happening with you.  They are aspects of yourself crying out to be paid attention to or resolved in some way.  This can be a real challenge for some as they feel like they are often times drawing in the opposite of who they are or may feel that they are a “victim” of circumstances.


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Fall Cleaning: Doing Your Shadow Work


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love the crisp autumn air, the fun and playfulness of dressing up in different costumes, and the pumpkin flavored everything. I also honor the beginning of a more introspective time of the year. With shorter days and colder temperatures, we naturally spend more time indoors. Physically and mentally, it is a time of going inward rather than outward. This makes it an excellent time to focus on our inner work, and to engage in what is referred to from a shamanic perspective as our “shadow work.”

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Is it Smart to Believe?

by Emily Heffner

Unless you have grown up in a particularly conscious community (understanding that definitions of “conscious” vary widely . . . ) or had parents who were part of the New Age/New Thought/Metaphysical world, chances are that those of you who identify with this community have encountered resistance or ridicule at some point.  I certainly have.  Notably, I had a good friend tell me that I’m too smart to believe the things I believe.  This particular friend identified himself as an atheist.

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