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Wisdom in the Round

 from Seeds for the Soul by Chuck Hillig   The truth of who you really are is often hiding in plain sight. The cosmic clues are really everywhere: in music, books, paintings, movies, poems, songs, plays, sculpture, photographs, etc.

 Your very best clues to this profound wisdom, however, are sometimes hidden in the unlikeliest of places.

Tips and Tricks to Consciousness: Cutting Etheric Cords

By Diane Silvester Be in a place where you can be alone. Begin by taking three deep cleansing breaths in through your nose, and exhaling slowly and firmly through your mouth. You may consider saying to yourself something along the lines of “Breathing in the breath of Life and breathing out all stress and tension. […]

Chakras: The What, Where, and Why

By: Sierra Glenn   In my years of doing energy work and working at Soul Centered, Chakras have been consistently discussed. It seems that a basic understanding of the chakra system is important to every area of study in the metaphysical field, and can be very helpful in improving our lives.  

Are You Really Too Sensitive or Just Overly Psychic?

By Diane Silvester.   So as I mentioned in my last blog, I am now in my 11th year running Soul Centered a metaphysical shoppe and event center…a long name and a huge vision.  Most of my life, I have felt like an “outsider,” never quite fitting in, having these waves of feelings wash over […]

Crystals for the Retrograde

By: Sierra Glenn Mercury Retrograde starts on June 7th, and as we all know, it can wreak havoc — especially at the beginning of the summer season. Computers, cars, and phones might glitch; trips and travel could be complicated; important contracts and decisions are best avoided during this time; and communication might get tricky. The most […]