Desiree’s Angels: Archangel Chamuel

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by Desiree Szabo

Archangel Chamuel: Patron Angel of Peace and Calmness


Archangel Chamuel is a protector for the earth from lower bound energies. I call upon Chamuel when I need help for peace and tranquility in my life or in the world.  Chamuel can also help with career transitions or if you’re seeking a spiritual soul mate relationship.


The key is to ask yourself, “How can I serve?”  See yourself swirling in a cloud of white light with expansive unconditional love. Breathe in and exhale the words “center,” “calm,” “peace,” and “love.” You will feel Archangel Chamuel’s kind, loving, sweet energy. Love is always around you and you do not have to search for it.  Hold loving thoughts, conduct loving actions, attract and magnify love in all aspects of your life.

Call Archangel Chamuel to guide you to bring romance into your life. Talk to Archangel Chamuel about your love life. Write down on a piece of paper the characteristics of your soul mate. Fall in love with your life, heal your past, and manifest your wonderful relationships.  For career transitions, pray for a blessed change in the old for the new. Ideas, dreams, visions, and wishes fulfilled can surface in the twinkling of an eye.

Meditate ten minutes a day in the AM and the PM for faster results. Believe in affirmative prayer, knowing that what you have asked for has already been received and acknowledged on the other side by your angels. Declare peace in your life, a spiritual soul mate, and your new career, with appreciation and gratitude, if that is what you are seeking.


I would like to share a miraculous miracle regarding a cataract in my right eye.  I had been praying for financial aid for months as my vision had been declining.  I was frustrated and feeling very helpless. Night driving was starting to become out of the question – much too dangerous. The glare of the oncoming headlights, as well as trying to make out the shapes of the automobiles, made it a real challenge.

I had an appointment for an eye exam. I had been on a waiting list for a year.  On the day of the exam, the hospital parking lot was full and the attendant told me to drive to the second parking lot. I was stressed out, late, and very apprehensive knowing that I needed surgery. The second parking lot was also full. I started praying to Archangel Chamuel to find a parking spot. Suddenly, the same attendant appeared and motioned for me to follow him. He opened up a chained area and there was a parking place for me. I thanked him and hurried to my appointment.

I did not feel comfortable in the facility and found out that my surgery was more complicated than I thought. I was told that the doctors did not have the lens that I would need for my eye. I left the appointment ill at ease, down trodden, and very, very sad. I came home and prayed for help. A few weeks went by.

I received a Linked In invitation on line from an ex boyfriend I had dated thirty-five years ago. He wanted to touch base to find out how my life turned out, and asked me what my bucket list was. He had taken me by surprise. I knew that I just wanted to have my eye surgery with a competent, skilled doctor and have the finances to pay for it. My ex boyfriend asked me the cost and I gave him the figures. He told me to email him my address and that the money would be sent to me through Fed Ex. He said life had been good to him. I thanked him for his gracious offer, put down the phone, and had a good cry. I honestly could not believe it. I received a check two days later that was more than enough for my surgery, with a letter saying that he hoped my dreams would come true and wishing me a good life. All I can say is that my Angels had been working overtime. Archangel Chamuel had indeed stepped in!



Archangel Chamuel: Angel of Harmony, Peace and Love, Chamuel’s Energy is dependable, trustworthy, and solid when his presence is near.


Meaning of the name: “He who sees God”


Specialty: Connects with finding lost objects and whatever you are seeking, heals anxiety, and helps in creating universal and personal peace.  Works with career transitions, peace, and spiritual soul mate relationships


Halo aura colors: Pale Green

Related crystal: Green fluorite


Astrological Sign: Taurus (April 21 – May 20), the persistent finder of what is being sought 


Candle colors:

Career – gold, silver, green, orange, yellow, purple

Family Harmony – blue, light pink, yellow

Healing an argument or disagreement – blue, black, gray

Healing Jealousy – white, blue, silver, yellow

Job Interview – orange, gold, silver, green, purple

Passion – red, purple, gold

Romance – red, light pink, silver, gold, white

World peace – blue, white, gray, black, green, brown, magenta



Love – Cinnamon, clove, jasmine, orange, patchouli, rose, sandlewood, vanilla 

Career Transition – Frankincense, honeysuckle, mint, spearmint, wisteria


Angel Lights: Pale Green


Careers: Government, global peace, racial and ethnic issues


Ask for Chamuel’s assistance: Finding lost items, healing of the heart, calming one’s thoughts and mind chatter, compassion, relationship healing including forgiveness, finding true love, helping your current relationship, career, and life purpose


Chakras: Heart, chest, issues of love, clairsentience. If you hold or wear green fluorite your heart will open up to Archangel Chamuel’s peaceful and soothing energy


Desiree Szabo is an Intuitive Angel Counselor who has been communicating with the Angels and the Ascended Masters from a young age.  She teaches clients how to clear the blocks and fears that keep them from hearing the True Guidance that their angels want them to receive.  Through clairsentience and clairaudience, Desiree delivers messages from the Angelic and Spirit Realms.  She is the creator of “The Adored Angel Show” on Blog Talk Radio.

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