Tips and Tricks to Consciousness: Cutting Etheric Cords

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By Diane Silvester

Be in a place where you can be alone. Begin by taking three deep cleansing breaths in through your nose, and exhaling slowly and firmly through your mouth. You may consider saying to yourself something along the lines of “Breathing in the breath of Life and breathing out all stress and tension.  Breathing in healing and breathing out disease.  Breathing in light and breathing out any stuck emotions.”


Close your eyes and ask for Archangel Michael to be with you and assist you. Feel or sense that you are experiencing his protective and soothing presence. (Archangel Michael is the protector of those on the spiritual path and he carries a flaming sword.) “Archangel Michael, please help me heal. Please cut all etheric cords that have attached themselves to me and send them back to whomever they belong to, thank you.”


You may actually see the cords leaving you, detaching from different places on your body, and releasing from different chakras. You may also get a sensation or impression of whom you were attached to with these cords.


Picture or imagine that all the openings are now filled with beautiful and healing golden-white light. This is very good as a daily practice to keep your energy your own.  You may feel lighter, and experience a relaxing sensation after doing this.


Always remember that we are all connected and that we can get attachments from other people just focusing strongly on us in a positive or negative way.  Many don’t even realize what they are doing or how they are affecting you. This is often disabling for highly sensitive people who feel anxiety, depression and other negative sensations as they are being “pushed around” through the thought forms of others.  It is important to do things to keep your energy clear of outside influences.


Begin important self-care routines (so that you are sure your thoughts, feelings and impressions are your own).  Good self-care includes salt baths or scrubs (you can also use selenite wanding for general care), putting yourself in a protective ball of golden white light (don’t forget to go around and under your feet), grounding your energy into the earth, as well as wearing protective stones.  Keep your home cleansed and cleared as well.  Be aware if you are wearing or have in your home gifts from someone to whom you feel there is a negative connection.  Consider changing that or placing whatever it is in storage, or in a container with salt.  Tune in and be aware how you feel when you are near or holding questionable objects.  Objects also carry a charge and need to be cleansed as well. Don’t forget to clean your jewelry!  Those are crystals too!


We are in a fluid energy world.  You can definitely master your life to a greater degree with simple practices and awareness.


Diane2Diane Silvester is the Owner of Soul Centered. A natural psychic, empath, and healer, Diane has studied metaphysics for years and is known for her irreverent sense of humor.

2 responses to “Tips and Tricks to Consciousness: Cutting Etheric Cords”

  1. Just had 3 synchronicities: called a friend and said; have to cut cord now in this New Moon energy, friend was on computer and your email popped up about cord cutting, (We were at the gong wash, drove from Santa Clarita), friend, Patricia said: was just thinking the energy now is good for this.

    Put me on newsletter e-mail list, please. Have been to your store several times. I purchased the Herkimer and Moldevite necklace several months ago.

    Thanks; May The Rain Of Blessings Fall

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