Tips and Tricks to Consciousness: Cutting Etheric Cords

By Diane Silvester

Be in a place where you can be alone. Begin by taking three deep cleansing breaths in through your nose, and exhaling slowly and firmly through your mouth. You may consider saying to yourself something along the lines of “Breathing in the breath of Life and breathing out all stress and tension.  Breathing in healing and breathing out disease.  Breathing in light and breathing out any stuck emotions.”
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Tips and Tricks to Consciousness: Fengshui

By: Sierra Glenn*

Many have heard of Feng Shui and scoffed at it, thinking it is a rigorous discipline and not understanding what it truly is: guidelines to happier and healthier living. Feng Shui is the basic principle that arrangement, color schemes, and clutter in the home can affect the way you live. Your career, health, creativity, reputation, relationships, prosperity, and studies can all be affected by Feng Shui. These aspects of your life are all sections on the Feng Shui map, or bagua. The bagua can be overlaid onto the blue print of a home, designating specific rooms as sections on the map. The bagua can be used to map out sections in individual rooms as well. For example, the Family section is the middle left section on the bagua, which is the kitchen in my house. It is also the middle left section in my bedroom, which is my closet, and the middle left section in my sister’s room and so on and so forth.

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