Zen Mindfulness and the Slipstream

Mark gong med tight bright web

By Mark Abadi

  There are many obstacles in life. Learning to navigate these without injury and in the most efficient, fun way can be a bit of a mine field. I want to share something that is known to Zen masters and those of advanced meditation practice. It’s so simple most of us miss it!   Often people ask, “What is the way to go?” “Which direction is best?” Zen says “the pathless path to the gateless gate.” In other words, there is no specific path to go down because any path we take is within our destiny. So we can relax, we’ve already scored 100% and can’t lose the game of playing OURSELVES. As Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself, because everyone else is taken!”   So how do we practically wield this understanding, this nature of spirituality? They key is to forget all our training, forget all our fixed moves and tactics. The training and education will get you this far, far enough to know how to read and to be open to this article, but the rest is to surrender into the unknown and allow the automatic ebbs and flow of the Universe to pulse through us and guide our movements. This is our quantum reality, change-less change.   Like the wake of a big boat in front of us, we can surf these pockets of ease within the fabric of space. If we can find them, we can sail through them, cutting out the resistance and feeling the consciousness of BEing. However, unlike a boat, these packets of zero resistance move in a super fast unpredictable quantum flux, too quick to be seen by our conscious mind. In order to connect with these channels, we need to surrender control to our subconscious, to the automatic part of us, like handing over control of a vehicle to the computer because it can make faster calculations than us.   Another comparison would be to how musicians improvise in a jam session. There is no plan and there is no time for each musician to hear what’s happening with the others and to calculate what would be the accompanying beat or rhythm. Ask any musician and they say the same as what most professional sports players or healers say – they just got out of the way and an automatic happening happened! They got into the “Zone.” How? They surrendered – they felt the rhythm and vibration of the universe through them and they were guided into the most efficient, least resistant channel. This is meditation – this is Being – this is Universal truth.   This is what is meant by “the truth shall set us free.” It means if we can become aware of the Universal flow – the prana, the chi, the zero point field – then we can became a true mirror of clarity for others, and in doing so, for ourselves. Any problem can be resolved with an immediate and un-thought-out response. This is how all the great masters offer their teachings. There is nothing written, nothing planned, it is sheer momentary reflection of truth, and within their eyes you see what was once lost from your conscious awareness. This is why the Zen masters say there is nothing to teach – but they write hundreds of books on that topic. 🙂   We can gain our own access through meditation by sitting in observation of the feelings and emotional movement around us. When we become the observer, we connect with the neutrality of the Universe, which is akin to a state of complete acceptance. At first this may seem a little heartless and robotic, but actually we’re still feeling the emotions (even more fully actually) we’re just choosing to watch rather than be carried into the drama of each one. This is meditation – this is what logging-in each morning and each night does for us. Sitting for 5 minutes and just becoming aware of the breath that is happening to our existence will give us insight into this – so when all else around us are dissolving into chaos we can stay centered in our ZONE.   There are two things at play here – well one actually depending upon your perspective. Even that is an incomplete sentence, because to have a perspective we must have a location and thus a separation – It’s a bit of a paradox for another time. Just for now realize that by tuning into our oneness we can be more effective Humans – more in flow with the dual (yin and yang) reality in which we find ourselves. Inside the duality are all the decisions, the chaos, the movements, the emotions. Within the oneness there is simple and obvious peace. This obviousness is actually the key to getting into flowing action, whether it’s sports, music, healing, reflection, art or science. Being right on the Mark (not on me!), on target, on point is the definition of sincerity – as ‘to sin’ means to ‘miss the mark’ (again not me 🙂 ). When musicians or sports people are on target with each other they’re in synchronicity, coherence, and there is an unrestricted flow. It’s all just so obvious when you let it BE! They almost seem clairvoyant in their actions, but it’s not predictive, it is simultaneous.   We all have access. We can all BE this. It just takes a certain courage to surrender all the tools we’ve picked up all our lives and give in, not to anyone else, but inwards towards our core, our inner BEING, which doesn’t look like what we think it does! In fact, and in a slight unfortunate reality for English poets, there is no individuality when we get deep enough. There is just the blissful ‘nirvanic’ peace of our ONE perfect consciousness. Welcome home!  
  Mark Abadi is a holistic psychologist and author from Britain who has facilitated many reflections to help people see through their flaws and accept them.   To purchase Mark Abadi’s Evolve, click here.