Are You Really Too Sensitive or Just Overly Psychic?


By Diane Silvester.

  So as I mentioned in my last blog, I am now in my 11th year running Soul Centered a metaphysical shoppe and event center…a long name and a huge vision.  Most of my life, I have felt like an “outsider,” never quite fitting in, having these waves of feelings wash over me that embarrassed me at times, as it seemed so overwhelming.  I often wondered, ”What’s wrong with me?”   Being a natural psychic and empath, but not knowing that I really was, or even what that meant, I studied theatre and acting as a wonderful place where I could “be” somebody else for a while.  It felt good and purposeful, I knew exactly who I really was…in those moments.  Then again…other times…in actual life, I would often be at the mercy of other people’s emotional waves, uncomfortable with public settings, parties, group meetings…it was everything I could do to not pick up others thoughts and feelings!  My family always made me feel badly about being ‘me’ with comments like; “Why are you so sensitive?” “Toughen up!” “Oh here comes Sarah Heartburn” “Look crocodile tears” and more.  At times I would feel drained and disabled, unable to do simple things, needing solitude and nature to re-charge.   Does any of this sound like you?  Many of the customers I have met through the store are what I would title Highly Sensitive People, like me, perhaps with different but similar experiences.  In fact, I have sold the book “The Highly Sensitive Person” numerous times after showing someone the self-test at the beginning of the book.  We are a minority population, only about 15%, and so of course most of us feel out of step at times with our environments, our families, and the general population.  This percentage is constant throughout all time periods it would seem, and in other times, HSP’s would be suited for positions such as the advisors to the king, the statesmen, the seers, the healers, the ‘Merlins’ if you will.   This extra sensitivity makes us both more gifted (psychic, empathic, healing gifts), as well as more vulnerable in ways the general public does not usually feel. Watching acts of violence, sadness or cruelties are often very challenging for an HSP.  It’s not just, “it’s ok, it’s a movie,” it plays on the mind, and stirs many HSPs awake at night.  The deep horrors of the news – man’s inhumanity to man, people out of integrity, people in love with the material plane to the exclusivity of human kindness and compassion – have always disturbed and mystified me.   Not all of us fall into the same category, think X-Men or comic book super heroes.  We vary from each other with our 6th sense gifts, just like every one of those “fantasy” characters.  We are hard to control as ‘sheep’,  as we take our direction from an unheard, unseen bandwidth.  We are like a TV that has access to premium channels, which everyone can buy into (we all are psychic, and can do healing-with practice and training), but some of us just come pre-wired and already both broadcasting and receiving.   Many artistic types are HSPs and are so sensitive that they can blow themselves up when all of the attention comes. Many fail without boundaries, without the ability or understanding of how to self clean or set psychic protection around themselves and their environments.  Many HSP’s kill themselves outright, or slowly poison themselves with drugs, drink, food, or addictions to “rescuing others” that drain them and more.  So many have come to my store on the edge of life, confused and desperate to fit into a world that is so loud, wild and overly sexualized.   I have appreciated the times where I have been able to explain to someone ‘like us’ who they are, how they can fit, and what their unique gifts are, because often, that’s all they need to really begin their task here on Planet Earth.  Also so very important, is learning how to care for the unique instrument you are. Many of us are well aware, and feel a calling in that we know that we came to help others. Many feel this call to serve, but are instead unable to function even within our own lives. There are specific things to do to keep our field clean and protected.   Many of us are drowning, as we feel like violins in a drum world…high strung, needing a gentle hand, and drowned out with the percussion of insatiable greed and desires.   There needs to be a greater understanding now for people like us.  It’s a wake up time.  Time to accept that evolution means boundaries, self care, checking inside rather than outside, and education as to what and who you are and how to do it better and better.  I cannot stress enough the need to clean your energy field and environment on a daily basis; protection and cleansing means a better life.  Boundaries are life for you now!  Educate yourself as much as possible, and focus on who you pick as your “teacher.”  Many are now jumping on the “new age bandwagon” and speaking the buzzwords.  Check within.  Watch who you let “work on you.”  I can’t stress enough that you need to listen inside and ask yourself about who you are following as your “guru.”  Who are you reading with, listening to information from?  Studying with? There have been many great teachers along my path and I have gotten all the way up into the “inner circles” of some folks, only to need to drop away.  Many claim Love, be aware of what your inner voice tells you…ask yourself…”How do I feel?”  You need to follow you.  Ultimately read, learn, grow, share, evolve…find your vibrational match…and follow this.   There are two states: Love and Fear…where are you allowing yourself to go…right now?  If it’s fear…why?  We are just spirits having a human experience…this earth…yes is changing…however…it’s also a quantum field and you do have power here.  Your thoughts, your vibes, your intentions…make a difference…to all of us.  It is said when the Buddha walked through the village, the whole village became enlightened.  Let those other folks be them, you be you…. brilliantly. You start your leadership by realizing you matter…as the first place to focus.  It is your only place of control, of connection, of power.  You.   Believing in yourself, and your own unique mission here, is no longer a dream of yours – there is a moral imperative to grow up and share what you know. Time is of the essence now. Time to evolve into and be what you really know you are.  To unplug from the Matrix and group mind and find your center, your potential, and your real place in this shared agreement on Planet Earth.   With great Love and Hope for our continued understanding together as One People, One Planet, One Love.   And…In Gratitude for the chance to serve~
Diane Silvester is the Owner of Soul Centered. A natural psychic, empath, and healer, Diane has studied metaphysics for years and is known for her irreverent sense of humor.

8 responses to “Are You Really Too Sensitive or Just Overly Psychic?”

  1. Thank you for this. It described me and resonated within me. You are such a bright light!


  2. Empathy runs in the family. I come from a long line of sensitive women, some lightly and some more powerful. For some reason it only gets passed down to the females. I recognize many of the things you write about, and because of that I try to give my daughters help that I did not get when I grow up. My oldest is very powerful. She does not only pick up emotions from people, but also from things like buildings and furniture. I find it hard to teach her how to release buildup emotions, put up blocks in crowds and separate her own emotions from those of others. If you have any advise about this I would like to meet. We will be in Ojai from July 14-16 I can be reached @

  3. I got goosebumps while reading this…this is how I feel on a daily basis, but my question is: where do I go from here?

  4. Sean…I highly recommend tuning in and paying attention to your inner voice. Is there a class or special event that you feel drawn to? A particular book? Something on-line, like a class or video on youtube? Begin checking in and asking questions. We have a number of classes coming up in the Fall and eventually will be able to offer some on-line too. Check our schedule and see if something fits…and check other places as well. Most importantly….start a dialogue with your inner self. Ask a question and then pause and feel Yes, and then pause and feel No. Which one is it? Follow. Next time…do the same. Begin a relationship inside. Also….protection and cleansing!!! Essential for health. Follow your rhythms…don’t let outside forces “make” you go out when you can’t. The book the Highly Sensitive Person. Classic. Feel free to follow me on Facebook, or be my friend. I share free insights daily. Much Love to you and thank you for speaking up.

    Lisa Bear, Suzy Thatcher, Pam Prince: Much Love!!!!

    Ulla Bisgaard, sorry I missed you…still learning about this whole on-line reality and did not realize I had “mail”. Love!!!!!
    Will send you an e-mail now.

  5. exactly what I needed to hear today!! Thank you so very much for your wisdom and guidance over the years…!

  6. Diane, you write so brilliantly and with such insight, just like everything else you do! Thank you for the excellent reminder after another holiday season of gatherings that were well meaning but that left me wiped out emotionally and physically. Boundaries are a challenge to learn but oh so important! Bless you for your giving heart and glowing heart!

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