Are You Really Too Sensitive or Just Overly Psychic?

By Diane Silvester.


So as I mentioned in my last blog, I am now in my 11th year running Soul Centered a metaphysical shoppe and event center…a long name and a huge vision.  Most of my life, I have felt like an “outsider,” never quite fitting in, having these waves of feelings wash over me that embarrassed me at times, as it seemed so overwhelming.  I often wondered, ”What’s wrong with me?”


Being a natural psychic and empath, but not knowing that I really was, or even what that meant, I studied theatre and acting as a wonderful place where I could “be” somebody else for a while.  It felt good and purposeful, I knew exactly who I really was…in those moments.  Then again…other times…in actual life, I would often be at the mercy of other people’s emotional waves, uncomfortable with public settings, parties, group meetings…it was everything I could do to not pick up others thoughts and feelings!  My family always made me feel badly about being ‘me’ with comments like; “Why are you so sensitive?” “Toughen up!” “Oh here comes Sarah Heartburn” “Look crocodile tears” and more.  At times I would feel drained and disabled, unable to do simple things, needing solitude and nature to re-charge.

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Benefits of Salt Products

By: Sierra Glenn

Salt throughout history has been a very important mineral and was once considered the equivalent to gold. Today, people are more concerned with the salt content of their food, rarely considering the purifying properties of this mineral. Whether ingested,used in a bath, scrubbed on the skin, or kept in the form of a wand or lamp, salt has cleansing properties that benefit your physical, emotional, and auric body. Salt is such a powerful purifier it can cleanse other crystals when you place them in a bowl with it.  A nugget of Himalayan salt or Selenite in a bag with a crystal will cleanse it right away.

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Is it Smart to Believe?

by Emily Heffner

Unless you have grown up in a particularly conscious community (understanding that definitions of “conscious” vary widely . . . ) or had parents who were part of the New Age/New Thought/Metaphysical world, chances are that those of you who identify with this community have encountered resistance or ridicule at some point.  I certainly have.  Notably, I had a good friend tell me that I’m too smart to believe the things I believe.  This particular friend identified himself as an atheist.

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