Ten Years Young


10 years. Wow. Finding it hard to believe that there ever was a time before this.  It has been quite a difficult and yet rewarding journey keeping the doors open at Soul Centered.  Challenges have arisen in a myriad of forms, and it has been an education in business, the universal laws and in human nature!  Gone are the rose colored glasses. 🙂


Creating Soul Centered here in Ojai in 2004 was the realization of a dream I held for 14 years – to build something along the lines of the beloved Bodhi Tree which is now just closed after 30+ years in Los Angeles.it was the haven I lived two short blocks from during a particularly challenging time in my life.  The books there danced off the shelves and into my hungry hands, revealing secrets and mysteries to feed my insatiable curiosity!


Being an HSP, or Highly Sensitive Person (a term I have gotten great relief from embracing), places like the Bodhi Tree, or the Self Realization Fellowship Center in LA, or in being in nature – when I could get to it – were my watering holes and places I could feel energetically safe and experience personal healing.  These places helped me fill my spirit so I could toughen up and deal with what was energetically drowning me.  The 12 years I lived in L.A. packed pounds of pain; emotional and physical pain on my body,  that I have during this time, managed to mostly shed all of that here in this sacred, healing, Ojai Valley Vortex.   It is said that this is where healers come to heal, and in my case, it’s true.  I have received much from this special community and land.


One side effect, having worked in this field for 10 years, and strongly developing my own natural psychic and healing abilities (I had an office for energy healing and hypnotherapy in West L.A. prior to moving here), I notice that it’s now challenging at times for me to interact with everyone, so please don’t take it personally if I can’t always be social, there are so many people, and sometimes it can just get overwhelming!


(An interesting thing as well…I’ve also had to accept the existence of certain things that I did not believe in because I’ve had to deal with them!)


Many of you ask where I am and remember the old days where we would sit around for hours and speak about the cosmos and share home baked goodies and backyard fruit…I do too!!! I feel blessed to have had so many meaningful interactions through the years with so many beautiful minds and hearts.  I miss the time relating and having deep conversations about things that matter! We are into a new time and the staff and I are very excited to be moving into radio and video productions based in metaphysics as Soul Centered reaches out online.  soulcenteredradio.com is coming soon! The on-line store just opened March 1 of this year, and right now we are locking and loading on the website…please check it out and give us your feedback…


So…my beloved customers, friends, colleagues, teachers, mentors, fellow dreamers and assorted peeps…thank you for helping us to keep up with the changing times by your support of Soul Centered, a Metaphysical Shoppe and Event Center! Thank you for those who have helped us grow, and all the new folks that have just found us on-line. We strive to keep the energy high, the crystals affordable and the Love in everything!


Thank you for 10 years in “The Woo Woo Biz” 😉  Looking forward to meeting up with you again soon!


With Great Gratitude and Love,

Diane Silvester and her Merry Band of Magical Cohorts.


2 responses to “Ten Years Young”

  1. Hi Diane!

    So great to see you looking so happy and healthy! My friend Jane and I met you when you were a new shop owner and you had time to get the big book out and read us our astrological profiles! We had a blast and bought LOTS! I layed myself on your healing crystal bench and , indeed ended up living out a pretty magical adventure (in love) after that! I took your advice and took down my single, solitary goddess over my bed and hung up the most romantic picture I could find, and, voila! Found a beautiful, 6 foot, 10 years younger, man to share my life with (for almost 8 yrs! For every time there is a season!) I’ve been back twice and always find the time to stop by my favorite metaphysical store to stock up and bring back to St Louis! Hopefully I’ll get back to Ojai someday soon! My brother is Jon Hamm of Mad Men and it is he who suspected i would love Ojai and he was right! Anyway, take care and keep your dream alive! Julie Schulte, LMT

    • Hi Julie! I would love to see you next time you come through! Please let me know when, [email protected]. Thanks for letting me know about how things turned out! I have read for so many, and had so many conversations through the years…it’s always nice to know where folks have landed! I love happy stories! Wishing you many more! <3