Ten Years Young

10 years. Wow. Finding it hard to believe that there ever was a time before this.  It has been quite a difficult and yet rewarding journey keeping the doors open at Soul Centered.  Challenges have arisen in a myriad of forms, and it has been an education in business, the universal laws and in human nature!  Gone are the rose colored glasses. 🙂


Creating Soul Centered here in Ojai in 2004 was the realization of a dream I held for 14 years – to build something along the lines of the beloved Bodhi Tree which is now just closed after 30+ years in Los Angeles.it was the haven I lived two short blocks from during a particularly challenging time in my life.  The books there danced off the shelves and into my hungry hands, revealing secrets and mysteries to feed my insatiable curiosity!

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Crystals for the Retrograde

By: Sierra Glenn

Mercury Retrograde starts on June 7th, and as we all know, it can wreak havoc — especially at the beginning of the summer season. Computers, cars, and phones might glitch; trips and travel could be complicated; important contracts and decisions are best avoided during this time; and communication might get tricky. The most effective remedy is a grand dose of patience, isolation, and relaxation time for yourself. The less interaction between you and other people, the better during the Mercury Retrograde. If that is not possible because of work or pre-planned vacations, then stock up on some crystals that may help you during this time.

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